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During 20 years one has a few dramatic situations to deal with. The one medically most challenging and emotionally most intensive was described earlier.

But there was a call from an Irish lady 13 years ago, which was not less dramatic. Please come right away, she said, we have had a car accident and two children died.
I went right away and tried to help the gentleman who had driven a car coming back to Budapest from the Danube Bend. In one of the villages the car somehow ended up on the sidewalk, where a grandmother was walking two little children.
This story has been on Hungarian news all the time since. The driver was convicted to three years imprisonment (a very-very strong punishment in my mind), but still has not showed up in the prison. This has caused a lot of controversy between Hungary and Ireland, even the EU was involved.
All I want to say is, that this very friendly and cultivated gentleman and his family are also victims in this terrible story. It is awful that a maybe small mistake during driving can ruin the lives of two families.
Now the news is that he is going to return to Hungary to start serving his sentence.